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FATED ENCOUNTER, Erotic romance from The Wild Rose Press scheduled for release on Monday, April 20, 2020.

Fallen Angel Chronicles, an erotic fantasy series that answers the question Who Is Damian Fontaine? Damian was banished to earth as a Fallen Angel. His transgression? A hedonistic existence. His self-proclaimed mission? To help repressed mortals find the sexually fulfilling life that has eluded them.

Book #1, available now, an erotic fantasy from The Wilder Roses (Scarlet Rose erotic line from The Wild Rose Press).

Can Damian rescue Caitlin Montieth from her lonely existence, restore her self-confidence, and return her to the life she formerly enjoyed?

MISSION INNOCENCE, book #2, available now, an erotic fantasy from The Wilder Roses (Scarlet Rose erotic line from The Wild Rose Press.

Can Damian save Sarah Downing from a life of misery under the thumb of a dictatorial father and cold mother?

MISSION INEVITABLE, book #3, available now, an erotic fantasy from The Wilder Roses (Scarlet Rose erotic line from The Wild Rose Press.)

Can Damian help Hayley Vincent convince commitment phobic neighbor Ward Dawson to embrace a lifetime of love and commitment with her?


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