DESIGNED ENCOUNTER is published by The Wild Rose Press and released from The Wilder Roses, the Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance. The book is available in ebook from Amazon and other online vendors.

A temporary building project has kept architect Trent Reynolds and interior designer Maddie Sloan from acting on a sizzling mutual attraction. As the assignment comes to a successful conclusion, business makes room for hot, scintillating pleasure. But while Maddie has designs on a long term commitment, Trent has blueprints for a no-strings-attached deal. Can a weekend encounter at a romantic seaside inn persuade Trent to Maddie's way of thinking?


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HEA-Reviews gives DESIGNED ENCOUNTER 5 Tea Cups:
"Samantha Gentry did a great job on this novella. Hot, hot, hot. I definitely recommend this story to keep you warm and toasty on a cold winter's night." -- Lisa


Excerpt #1 Adult (Trent wants):

He suspected if they filled out one of those computer dating profiles, it would show them as a compatible match. And that's the part that left him uneasy. He wasn't looking for a relationship, at least not the type that came with emotional ties. A short term relationship of fun and games was certainly in the cards, but nothing serious and definitely nothing long term. He'd been down that bumpy road before with an ill-fated engagement and had no intention of treading the same ground again. He was happy with his life just the way it was. He had a successful career doing work he enjoyed and various other pursuits that afforded him the availability of social contact. He didn't need to hang around bars or do the singles scene in order to find the short term sexual relationships that suited him. He didn't want to make any changes to his lifestyle.

So why did he have a strange and uncomfortable sensation poking at his consciousness whenever he thought about Maddie? She looked hot, the attraction immediate. His cock stood at attention the first time they shook hands. But she also had an elegance about her, something special and unique that said she was worth knowing. He shook his head in an attempt to drive away the thoughts. The only relationship he was interested in was one based on no-strings-attached hot sex.


Excerpt #2 Adult (Maddie wants):

One night stands with someone she had just met were not her style. With a failed marriage behind her and a more mature outlook on life than the days following her divorce, she had moved beyond meeting men in singles bars and engaging in casual meaningless affairs. She was at a point where she wanted more substance in her life. Not necessarily another attempt at marriage, but something more settled and substantial than what she'd had the last few years. Someone she could trust, someone dependable. Trust and dependability-two very important things missing from her marriage. She had learned the hard lesson of trusting only herself in personal and emotional matters.

But something about Trent Reynolds stirred her desires to the point where she wanted to impale herself on his cock and stay there. Hot, passionate sex. Yep, something about Trent Reynolds spoke directly to her on the most primal level. In spite of the positive direction she had steered her life since her divorce, Trent seemed to be the exception to her self-imposed rules of no one night stands. Regardless of how healthy someone's daily meals were, every now and then the overwhelming desire to indulge a totally decadent dessert could not be ignored. And Trent was that decadent dessert.

Taking a calming breath, she entered the restaurant and immediately spotted him.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting. As soon as I got home my phone started ringing and I couldn't get away from it."

"No problem."

Her nipples tightened into taut buds and her breath quickened as he swept something more than merely an admiring gaze across her body. Something that felt very personal. A hunger for more than dinner welled inside her. She wanted that decadent dessert.


Excerpt #3 Adult (First Kiss):

He threaded his fingers through her short auburn hair as he placed a quick kiss on her lips. When she offered no resistance, he captured her mouth with a kiss that said exactly what was on his mind. The sexual tension that had simmered below the surface every time they were together finally burst into a full incendiary explosion. He wasn't sure how far it would go, but there was no way he could deny how much he wanted to intimately know every inch of her body. He had kept those desires in check for the entire time they had been working together, but not now. Not tonight.

Maddie's arms wound around his neck and her mouth fully responded, letting him know her desires matched his. It was all the encouragement he needed. His cock hardened with his rapidly increasing arousal. She thrust her hips forward until she made contact with his erection. Her soft moan rippled through his consciousness.

He broke off the kiss just long enough to whisper a few words. "Unless you voice an objection right now, the next step is to your bed."

"I...uh...I don't make a habit of jumping in bed with every-"

"I never thought you did," he ran his hand down her back and caressed her ass, "not even for a moment."


Excerpt #4 PG-rated:

"What would you say to tackling an all day adventure?"

She tilted her head and shot him a curious look. "What kind of adventure?"

"How's your adventurous spirit? Let's head out and see where we end up. Are you game?"

He didn't have a specific destination in mind, but the where didn't matter as long as he could spend more time with her. It was what he wanted, and the fact that he wanted it was the part that bothered him. They had known each other for several weeks and become friends. But he now found himself in a place he'd never been before and wasn't sure how to navigate through the unfamiliar territory.

"Come on, let's get out of here." He put his arm around her shoulders as they walked to the parking lot. He reluctantly admitted how comfortable it felt, how natural.

A few minutes later they arrived at Maddie's house. Trent pulled into the driveway behind her. She got out of her car and started for the front porch, then turned around and called to him.

"I want to get my camera, then I'm ready to go."

He followed her into the house, pausing a moment as he tried to condense his scattered thoughts into words. "And maybe you should pack an overnight bag... just in case."

Genuine surprise covered her face. "In case of what?"

He pulled her into his arms and brushed a tender kiss across her lips, then a second kiss that lasted a little longer. "In case we find some charming little country inn and decide we want to spend the night." His words came out in a soft whisper, his voice holding a sexy edge as he continued to hold her in his arms.

"You didn't ask if I had plans for tonight or tomorrow, only today."

Her words cut through him. She was right, he never mentioned that. The truth being, in his mind, he had already included over night as part of today. Would it be more accurate to have described his confidence of a few moments ago as over confidence? It had never occurred to him that she might already be seeing someone, especially after their night of torrid sex.

He tried to dismiss the thought. She wasn't the type of woman to have sex with someone she wasn't even dating while being involved with someone else. But still... that didn't mean she didn't have a date for that night. He didn't like the uncomfortable feeling of doubt that had suddenly assaulted his senses. Uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Uncertainty and doubt weren't part of his makeup, yet one night in her bed and she had him turned inside out. What in the world would two nights do?


Excerpt #5 Adult:

Maddie opened her bag and carried her toiletries into the bathroom. She unpacked her clothes and placed them in the dresser drawer. Well, almost all of them. Before she could stop him, Trent grabbed a pair of her black lace bikini panties and held them in front of her hips.

"I don't know what's sexier, these or those beautiful auburn curls they hide." He sniffed the crotch of the panties. His brow wrinkled into a bit of a frown, and the side of his mouth scrunched up slightly. "An okay fragrance, but not the tantalizing scent that is you."

She grabbed the panties from his hand and tried to project a stern expression but ended up laughing instead. "You are incorrigible."

A grin she had come to recognize as half sexy and half down-and-dirty lewd thoughts of let's fuck flashed across his handsome face. "It one of my most endearing qualities."

Purposely ignoring that devilish combination of impish little boy and dirty old man, she pointed to his suitcase. "You should unpack before room service brings the champagne. And while you're doing that, I'll be in the other room looking over the brochures describing the various tourist attractions and activities in the area." "You don't want to stay and help me?" He shot a feigned look of disappointment in her direction. "You know that can only lead to one place, which means we won't be in any position to answer the door for room service." "This sounds good... exactly what position would that be?" She tried to suppress the grin tugging at the corners of her mouth but to no avail. She slowly shook her head as she left the room. "As I said, incorrigible."

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