HIS MAGICK TOUCH is published by The Wild Rose Press and released from The Wilder Roses, the Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance. The book is available in ebook from Amazon and other online vendors.

As the powerful High Priest of his coven, Devon Bainbridge lives by the witch's credo of Harm To None. Yet he is willing to sacrifice everything in his century long quest for revenge. He intends to use Raina St. Clair as a means of locating her sister, the witch who misused her powers to destroy his brother. But once he meets Raina, his plan doesn't go as intended, especially when he discovers her agenda. She wants to learn sex magick.

Is Raina the one woman who could save Devon from himself?


Read excerpt #1 Adult-rated (Publisher's excerpt)

Read excerpt #2 Adult-rated (sex magick ritual)

Read excerpt #3 R-rated (seeking information)

Read excerpt #4 Adult-rated [shower]

Read excerpt #5 PG-rated (Devon's dilemma)

Read excerpt #6 G-rated (Raina's dilemma)


Excerpt #1 Adult-rated (Publisher's excerpt)

She grabbed a napkin from the bar and dabbed at her neck and upper chest, leaving most of the champagne to trickle between her breasts.

He set the half-empty glass on the bar, surprise covering his features. "I'm so sorry." A sincere concern surrounded his words. "Are you okay?"

Just the sound of his smooth masculine voice sent a ripple of desire coursing through her body, headed directly for her pussy. She gave him her most seductive smile as she continued to dab the champagne from her skin. "I'm fine, no problem."

He ran his fingertip along the edge of her plunging neckline. "Can I be of assistance?" A quick glance down the front of her dress noticeably quickened his breathing. "I can lick up the excess champagne... if it will help." His voice and words teased and a sexy grin tugged at the corners of his mouth, but the glow in the depth of his eyes radiated pure passion and sexual magnetism. The kind that could melt the most determined woman's defenses.

Her nipples puckered, partly from the cold champagne and partly from his obvious perusal of her body combined with the sexual energy that practically sparked from him. Her heartbeat increased. Being this close to him had her juices flowing and her desires running at full speed. She definitely wanted to experience Devon's sexual prowess and learn the techniques of sex magick from a master, to discover and embrace the untapped potential of her sexuality.

She smiled seductively. "That's a very gracious offer."


Excerpt #2 Adult-rated (sex magick ritual)

The sexual energy flowed between them, a natural part of life fully embraced and demanding to be satisfied.

Her breath tickled across his ear. "I want to learn from you, explore the wonders of sex magick, experience the ultimate achievement."

He carefully removed the goblet from his suitcase, filled it with wine, then set it on the table along with a plate of small ceremonial cakes. After placing the appropriate candles around the room, he turned toward her. "You have your athame?"

"Yes, of course." She retrieved the implement from her purse, a knife with a double-edged blade and handle intricately carved with various symbols, the one personal tool used by all witches. It was a ritual tool and not used for cutting. The handle was black to absorb the energies of the user. Holding it between her palms, she lowered it into the wine as she recited the words. "As the athame is the male, so the cup is the female, and conjoined they bring happiness." The words and the ritual brought together the god and goddess, united a man and a woman in a sexual rite of nature and all things natural.

They each drank from the goblet.

Devon touched his fingertip to her lips, then withdrew his hand. "Do you enter into this sexual union of your own free will, without coercion or intimidation?"

One of many misconceptions held by mortals was that all coven members were required to engage in ritual sex as part of the coven's rites. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Group sex and orgies. Mandatory sex as part of some sort of initiation rite. Neither were requirements nor common practice. No reputable coven required sex of its members. Ritual sex, whether the Great Rite or something else, was a sacred act performed in private and only by consenting adults.

"Yes... absolutely so." The overwhelming power of his sexual magnetism set off tremors of desire. Her entire body quivered in anticipation of what she knew would be sex on an elevated plane, a level of pleasure beyond anything she had previously experienced. The glow of passion in the depths of his turquoise eyes told her she was about to travel to a place she had never been before, to experience the ultimate in erotic fulfillment.

Never had she been more ready or more excited. Her juices seeped from between her pussy lips, dampening the crotch of her bikini panties. Her pulse quickened as did her breathing. The air sizzled with sexual energy.


Excerpt #3 R-rated (seeking information)

He shifted his position slightly. Her nipples instantly puckered into hard buds. A soft moan escaped her throat as she stirred then opened her eyes. As soon as her gaze landed on him, a sexy yet somehow shy smile turned the corners of her mouth.

"I must have dozed off. I didn't mean to be so rude, especially after your generosity in taking a relative novice in the subject and teaching her the wonders of sex magick. Even the absolute basics of Sex 101 became new and exciting with you as a partner and teacher."

"You're a quick study." He placed a tender kiss on her forehead. "And you've definitely mastered the basics."

Her gaze swept the room, as if searching for something. "I don't see a clock. Have I been asleep long?"

"No... it's only been about an hour. But before we move on, I'd like for us to get acquainted, to know a little about each other." The relaxed aura of very satisfying sex surrounded them.

A tender smile came to her lips as she shyly dropped her gaze. "I'd like that, too."

"Being a High Priest, most of my life is an open book. So... let's start with you." Devon ran his hand seductively across Raina's belly, around her hip, then cupped her ass cheek.

"What would you like to know?" She wiggled her ass as she snuggled into his touch, a spontaneous response new for her, while once again purring her contentment and pleasure.

"Well... what about your family?" There's your coven family, of course. But do you also have blood family? Any who are true witches of the bloodline or at least have Wiccan beliefs?"

"Just my older sister, Miranda. She's also a witch, but her knowledge and powers are much greater than mine. I'm eager to learn, especially things such as teleportation, but unfortunately got a late start on my studies."

"Really? How did that happen? With an older sister to help you... to guide you and show you the way... " He didn't want to appear to dig for information, even though she was the one who brought up Miranda's name.

She wrinkled her brow in thought, as if trying to find an answer. "I don't really know. Miranda and I have never been close. I've always sensed something troubling about her but have never been able to identify it. I'm much closer with my coven family."

"That's too bad that you don't have a good relationship with your sister. I have a younger brother who's also in the bloodline. We've always been very close." His thoughts momentarily drifted to Dylan and how frail he had become over the last decade. "There isn't anything I wouldn't do for him.

"Do you and your sister belong to the same coven?" He needed to refocus the conversation on finding Miranda rather than dwelling on his own sorrow and turmoil.

"No, we live in different parts of the country... " She furrowed her brow in a moment of concentration. "At least I think we do. Actually, she seems to move around a lot. For some reason, she doesn't stay in one place very long."

"That would make it difficult for her to participate in her coven if she's never in the same place where they are."

"I know... it's all very strange. She's a witch with powers and seems always to be striving to learn more and expand those powers, yet she doesn't make any attempt to be involved with her coven." She emitted a sigh of resignation. "I honestly don't understand her or her life choices. Why embrace one aspect of being a witch while shunning another? It doesn't make any sense to me."

"That does seem strange." Or at least it would if he didn't know Miranda's dark secret. Harm to None was definitely one of the aspects Miranda shunned.


Excerpt #4 Adult-rated [shower]

Devon seldom had occasion to doubt or second guess his decisions. He found himself in the uncomfortable situation of Miranda suddenly being one of those rare exceptions. Was there a way to extract satisfaction for the harm she had done to Dylan without violating the primary law of Harm To None?

"That's a very serious look you have on your face." Raina's words broke into his thoughts. "Are you reconsidering the shower?"

He flashed a sexy smile as he quickly set his concerns aside... at least for now. "Not at all." He got out of bed, assisted her, and they walked into the bathroom. After adjusting the shower spray to an acceptable temperature, they stepped into the large free-standing shower and he closed the door behind them. The steam swirled around inside the glass enclosure like an erotic whirlwind, toughing and teasing every part of their bodies.

With a gesture of his hand, the bar of soap passed through the spray then lathered her body. He circled his arms around her from behind and pulled her back against his chest. Cupping her breasts in his hands, he manipulated her nipples until they puckered. Everything about her excited him. Sex Magick... human sexuality... the body's physical needs. It was a spiritual facet of life, one of nature's laws. But something about Raina surpassed the parameters of those laws, elevating her to a higher level.


Excerpt #5 PG-rated (Devon's dilemma)

As Devon sat on the edge of the bed, he poured a measured amount of ceremonial oil into a small blessed vessel and placed it on the nightstand. Then he gestured with his hand to refill his coffee cup. He sipped the fresh coffee as he watched Raina sleep. Her enticing breasts rose and fell with her smooth, even breathing. Her long hair spread across the pillow with a few loose strands scattered across her face. He had never seen anything more captivating or desirable.

It had been an unbelievably exciting night and an equally disturbing one. If he pursued his century long goal of vengeance against Miranda for what she had done to his brother, it would satisfy his long-held need for revenge. But at what cost? What would it do to Raina? What type of impact would it have on the possibility of a relationship with this woman? He had been involved in many relationships in his lifetime -- many of them personal relationships separate from his coven and the witch community in general -- but none of them had been with the woman, the one to fulfill that personal emotional bond missing from his life.

He had just met Raina, but everything about her felt so right. Could she be that one special woman? He needed to know more about her background, her relationship with her sister -- more about what he now believed was also Miranda's betrayal of her own sister.

Cupping his coffee mug in both hands, he leaned back against the headboard and closed his eyes. What had been so clear-cut in his mind when he sought out a face-to-face encounter with Raina had become an unsettling inner conflict starting with her surprising request for instruction in sex magick. It was not an unusual request of someone in his position. As a High Priest, he took sex magick seriously, as he did all rituals, and knew her desire and request were sincere.


Excerpt #6 G-rated [Raina's dilemma]

Raina had never met anyone like Devon. His power as a High Priest went without saying. His strength of character, personal integrity, and magnetism were equally impressive. The silver aura consistently surrounding him attested to that. How could Miranda have made all those disparaging remarks about him? It didn't make any sense. But a lot of what her sister did and said didn't make any sense. On numerous occasions, she wished they had been closer. She had tried to reach out to her sister, but it seemed that Miranda purposely rejected all her efforts.

That realization left her sad and emotionally wounded, something she had tried to come to terms with other the years. It also left her as confused as her scattered memories of her past. But somehow being nestled in Devon's embrace went a long way toward easing the pain of her sister's rejection. She had never felt closer to anyone than she did to him at that moment. Was she reading something into the situation that wasn't there? She had asked him to tutor her in sex magick. Was she trying to project her own growing emotional attachment for him onto the intimacy of their physical interactions? She needed to keep the reality of the situation firmly in mind.

His lips brushed softly against her forehead, pulling her from her thoughts. "We need to talk about today."

She jerked to attention, his words striking at the heart of her concerns. "Oh... of course, I understand. You have plans for today... obligations." She attempted to extricate herself from his arms. "Someone of your position must also have business to deal with as well as coven responsibilities to address prior to the Samhain gathering."

To her surprise, he refused to let go of her. "Slow down. You're understanding me too quickly. Let me tell you what I have in mind."


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