MISSION INSECURE, book #1 of Fallen Angel Chronicles, an erotic fantasy series, is published by The Wild Rose Press and released in from The Wilder Roses, the Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance. The book is available in ebook from Amazon and other online vendors.

Fallen Angel, Damian Fontaine was banished from heaven for too often indulging in sex with humans. He has made the best of his eight hundred years on earth by creating missions to help repressed mortals find the sexually fulfilling life that eludes them.

Wealthy Caitlin Montieth doesn't fit that definition. But having once enjoyed an uninhibited sex life, she experienced a cruel betrayal of her love and trust. She has withdrawn to the security of a solitary life. She doesn't trust anyone. She avoids meeting new people and social situations. And each day she sinks further into her self-imposed loneliness and isolation.

Can Damian restore her self-confidence and return her to the passionate woman who formerly enjoyed life to the fullest?


G-Excerpt #1
R-Excerpt #2
R-Excerpt #3: (first kiss)
R-Excerpt #4
G-Excerpt #5


G-Excerpt #1

Damian glanced up at the stormy sky. Eleven o'clock in the morning yet it seemed more like early evening. It had been raining for three straight days without any sign of let up, a situation that perfectly suited his plan to make initial contact with Caitlin.

Judging his timing to the second, Damian hunched his shoulders against the cold wind and turned his face away from the stinging rain as he stepped off the curb. The sound of tires skidding on the wet pavement accompanied the loud car horn and was followed by her car sending him sprawling across the pavement.

The car door flew open, and a woman emerged. She rushed toward him and knelt next to his prone body. The look of stark horror on her face said as much as her words.

Caitlin Montieth's heart pounded. "Are you okay? Are you hurt? Can you move?"

She helped the stranger into a sitting position.

He shook his head as if trying to clear the fuzziness, then slowly moved his arms and legs. "Nothing seems to be broken."

"Are you sure? Should I call the paramedics?"

"No... I'm fine. I'll probably end up with aches and bruises before the day is over, but nothing to worry about."

Thank goodness he seemed to be all right, but what had she done? What would happen now? Did she need to call the police? Or more to the point... her attorney?


R-Excerpt #2

Was the hesitation in her voice a sudden case of nerves? Concerns about his true motive? Fear that he might be just another con man after her money? She had been very guarded about where she lived and the fact that she didn't need to work to pay her bills.

He leaned closer, his lips brushing against her ear. "They'll be at the club for an entire month. We don't need to go opening night. Let me know what night you're available and that's the night we'll go."

He wanted to tongue her ear and reach his hand under her skirt, shielded by the table and the dim lighting. That may have been what he wanted, but the timing ruled it out. Too soon. It would frighten her, doing more harm than good.

So, instead, he brushed a soft kiss on the side of her neck. "That perfume you're wearing has been driving me crazy all evening. It totally suits you -- light, spicy, and vibrant. Elegant with just a touch of naughtiness." He leaned back and pretended to be listening to the music to dispel any fears on her part that he might be making a move on her.

She may have put herself into a ten year exile, but her selection of perfume told him that a highly sensual woman still lived inside her. A sexuality he would bring out into the open again. His cock twitched, but he wouldn't be sinking it into Caitlin's pussy tonight.


R-Excerpt #3: (first kiss)

Almost as if he somehow knew her secret desire, his mouth came down on hers before she could say anything. A kiss that gave all... and more. It promised the world without making demands on her. A kiss that spoke loudly of what he wanted but made it clear the decision was hers.

He pulled her into his embrace, holding her body tightly against his. A body that was everything she knew it would be -- hard chest with solid abs, strong arms and shoulders. A growing erection -- inviting, impressive, and very exciting.

Her arms wound around his neck, an impulsive action she couldn't have stopped even if she wanted to. He thrust his tongue between her lips, and she opened her mouth to welcome the invasion. The texture of his tongue meshed with hers, sending surges of delight coursing through her body.

His hand slipped down her back and cupped her ass cheek. At that moment, all thoughts flew out of her head. All but one.

With great difficulty, she broke off the kiss. "I can't... this isn't... " Her words came out in a breathless rush. "I must go. I'm sorry... I didn't mean for this to happen. I don't even know you."

"It seemed to me we were doing a good job of getting acquainted."

She pushed back from him. "Don't patronize me. I resent having someone make fun of me.


R-Excerpt #4

He took the last swallow of his wine, then set the glass on the table as he rose to his feet. Taking her hand in his, he pulled her up from her chair and into his arms. "If you fetch the rest of the bottle of wine, I'll turn on the hot tub." He brushed a tender kiss across her lips, making sure not to linger. "Are you game?"

Caitlin blinked. Was she game? Was he asking if she wanted to be naked in the hot tub with him? It defied all logic and rationale while incorporating every fear and anxiety that had controlled her life for the last ten years. But the temptation of this incredibly sexy man whose kiss from yesterday still lingered on her senses overshadowed her concerns and cancelled her common sense. Her answer was a screaming yes. Or it would be if she could force out the word.

Before she gathered her wits, his mouth came down on hers. He meshed the texture of their tongues, probing and exploring every dark corner. The sudden intrusion nearly took her breath away. Her nipples instantly hardened into taut buds, and her hungry pussy clenched in need. Her foray into self-indulgence in the bathtub that afternoon had only been an appetizer, a prelude to what she subconsciously yearned for with this enticing man. She wanted the real thing, a hard cock deep inside her. It had been too many years of making do without the tantalizing touch of an exciting man.

And not just any cock would do. It had to be the full erection currently pressing against her body as he held her tightly in his arms. The rock hard very impressive erection belonging to Damian Fontaine. With great reluctance, she broke off the kiss.

"I'll get the bottle of wine." Her words came out in a raspy whisper despite her attempt to control her breathing.

"And I'll turn up the temperature on the hot tub."


G-Excerpt #5

A moment of confusion invaded her mind. Damian... who is Damian Fontaine? Where did he come from? What does he want?

Then another thought hit her. Something she had noticed but the reality had not jelled in her mind. She jerked to attention, her senses on full alert.

"Caitlin? What's wrong?"

"It's you. You're wrong. Who are you?" She couldn't control the tremor in her voice. "I mean, who are you really?"

"I don't understand. You know who I am. My name is Damian Fontaine. You had your attorney check on me. I'm wealthy and have international business holdings. My primary residence is my private island."

"Maybe my question should be what are you? Late yesterday morning, you stepped in front of my car and were knocked to the pavement. And right now your body is perfect, not a scratch."

"My clothes got the brunt of the impact. Remember my torn jacket?"

"You don't have any bruises, not one. That's impossible, yet I know what's right here in front of my eyes. How do you explain that?" A terrible feeling of foreboding tried to invade her sensibilities. Had she just allowed another man to take advantage of her? Ten years of caution, and the first time she took a chance it came back to bite her.

She saw the look in his eyes, the one that said he wasn't sure how to respond. That in itself said he had lied to her. She tried to push away, needing to break the physical contact if she had any hope of resisting his magnetic charm and overwhelming sex appeal. But he held her tighter, refusing to let go. Her foreboding quickly changed to panic.

"Who--who are you?" She had barely been able to force out the words.

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