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Event planner Afton Pendleton was very pleased with her arrangements for the upcoming grand opening party at the luxury ski resort. But she had not anticipated the resort's dynamic owner, Gage Brennan, arriving on the scene and making arbitrary last minute changes to her carefully worked out preparations.

Angry sparks flew fast and furious between them. But before she could regain control of her project, the worst snow storm in fifty years shut down everything. The two adversaries were stranded together in an empty lodge. Sparks of a different type flew as the physical attraction between them spiraled out of control. Could this steamy encounter possibly lead to a lasting relationship?



"Once again Ms. Gentry writes a sizzling tale of romance between what seems to be an unlikely couple. Afton Pendleton is a working woman who does her job and knows how to do it well. Gage Brennan is a rich resort owner who is having a grand opening and wants it done his way. They are constantly butting heads."

"This story is about two people trapped by a storm who fight their feelings at first and how the romance between them blossoms. Most of the time I was clearing the fog off my glasses as I read this steamy story of romance in a resort. I wonder where Ms. Gentry's next encounter will take place?" - Hibiscus, Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews

"Samantha Gentry is an awesome writer who spins a tale of so much interest you have to fall in love with the characters and the book itself! This book will capture your imagination and you will be addicted, as am I, with her works. She writes sensual love scenes which are frequent and believable as well as thrilling to the reader. Trust me on this! You will enjoy Ms. Gentry's style. I guarantee it... read this book!" - 5 hearts, Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

Excerpt #1 (adult excerpt)

He placed his fingertips beneath her chin and lifted until they had eye contact. He saw intelligence, curiosity and a sensuality that made his cock twitch and nearly knocked his socks off. He didn't see any anxiety or fear. His intention had been to kiss her, but caution prevailed. "Tell me about yourself. I don't really know anything about you other than you're an event planner and you're from Los Angeles."

The physical contact sent Afton's pulse racing and her heart pounding. The two of them may have been at odds over the grand opening party, but at that moment, she wanted to know him much better, intimately know all of him. Her pussy tingled. The dampness spread to her panties. She wanted that scrape me off the ceiling type of hot sex he exuded.

She couldn't stop the slightly husky quality that surrounded her words. "What would you like to know?"

His warm breath whispered across her cheek. "Everything."

For a moment, it seemed as if he had intended to kiss her, but then he apparently changed his mind. Relief or disappointment? She wasn't sure which one she felt.

Granted, the circumstances surrounding them were unusual. They could even be called awkward. But if he was even half as turned on as she was...well, it might be a few days before they could get out or anyone else could get in. A crackling fire in the fireplace, a bottle of champagne, the steamy waters of the hot springs and a building full of bedrooms. Could there be a more perfect set up for seduction?

A more perfect setting for a steamy encounter?

Her words were barely above a whisper. "I'm thirty-three years old, divorced a year ago from a controlling man who didn't think I needed an identity other than being his wife." It took a moment for her to realize exactly what she had said. What she didn't know was why she had said it.

"Ah ha...that explains a lot."

Her body stiffened. The sensual blanket covering her had been ripped away in the blink of an eye. She took a quick step backward to put some distance between her and the mesmerizing aura that emanated from him. "And just exactly what is that supposed to mean?"

Once again the sparks of conflict flew between them. "I don't think it meant anything. It was merely an observation. You've been resistant to even the slightest suggestion--"

"Suggestion?" The shock of his words jolted through her. Her anger flared. "You weren't making suggestions. You were demanding impulsive changes to carefully constructed plans based on nothing more than your whim. Days of hard work down the tubes just because you like the color green better than blue-"

His mouth came down hard on hers, not only stilling her words but also driving the thoughts out of her mind. He wrapped her in his embrace, holding her tightly to him. She felt the heat of his passion, an intensity that singed every corner of her reality.

She had been on the receiving end of her share of hot kisses, but nothing like this. It was almost as if her arms had a will of their own as they encircled his neck. She returned his kiss. Her entire being trembled with excitement. Never had anyone so thoroughly grabbed her senses with only a kiss. Her pulse raced. Desire quivered inside her pussy.

The sexiest smile she had ever seen had not been misleading. It belonged to the sexiest man she had ever encountered, a man who had her mind swirling in a cloud of confusion and her body vibrantly alive with both longing and need.


Excerpt #2 (adult excerpt)

Without warning, he broke off the kiss. He placed his hands on her shoulders and stepped back at arm's length. His gaze almost burned into her as if he were searching for some hidden answer to an even deeper question.

"Before this goes any farther, we need to get something straight." His voice carried a husky quality, and a hint of uncertainty surrounded his words. "We have a very unusual situation here. Neither one of us has the availability of turning around and walking out the door, getting in a car and driving away. We are both confined to this building until the storm lifts enough to get the roads open. The temptation goes without saying."

He paused as if trying to collect his thoughts. "I think I've already made my desires known. But I don't want the circumstances to dictate your actions. I have one very definite rule that I never break. Both people agree and want the same thing or it doesn't happen. And that goes double for now. If you feel in any way that you're being coerced or are uncomfortable all you have to do is say so and that will be the end of it. It's your call."

She tried to collect her thoughts. Until he broke off the kiss, she had been totally mesmerized and ready to go along with anything he wanted. But now that he had given her the opportunity to think, she said the first thought that had come into her mind.

"I admire your directness and appreciate you not trying to press an advantage that could make things very awkward. You're right. This is an extremely unusual situation. Maybe the thing to do is take it a little slower. We've been at odds for five days and you've been behaving like an arrogant ass, but since this storm hit you've been the epitome of politeness and charm. I think I'd like an opportunity to meet the person who must be somewhere between those two extremes."

"That's very level-headed, very logical." He flashed another devastatingly sexy smile. "It wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear, but it's certainly something I can accept. So, when you think you know that person who lives between those extremes well enough, let me know. Until then..." His gaze delved into the depths of her eyes. "Well...I can take no for an answer, but I can't make any promises about being able to stay one hundred percent on my good behavior."

"Fair enough. I've been warned." She had never participated in a more bizarre exchange. On one hand, it was the most honest and straight forward conversation about having sex she had ever been involved in. But on the other hand, it almost seemed impersonal, too matter-of-fact. Mechanical rather than physical or emotional. She believed what he told her, if she said no, he would respect it. She also knew her pussy throbbed from the all-too-brief kiss that curled her toes and generated enough heat to melt the snow outside the door.

But what about Gage Brennan? Was this type of spontaneous behavior nothing more than business as usual for him? Was it something that didn't mean any more than a hot fuck in the back seat of a car or a one night stand? She had been away from the dating scene for seven years -- six years of marriage followed by one year of sexless divorce.

Truth be known, she just hadn't met anyone since her divorce who grabbed her attention. No one had made her cream her panties. No one had made her pulse race. No one had kissed her with a heated passion that flowed through her entire body setting off sparks of wanton desire.

No one...until now.

She tried to settle the nervousness jittering inside her but without much success. She cleared her throat. "So...tell me about yourself."

He stepped in closer, until their bodies were almost touching again. "What would you like to know?"

"Everything." Her breathless reply told her just how much of an impact this sexy man had on her.

"I'm thirty-nine years old." His words tickled across her cheek. "My wife and I have been legally separated for three years and would have been divorced two years and eleven months ago if we could have agreed on a settlement."

Gage touched her hair and breathed in the spicy fragrance of her perfume. "I don't think this hands off thing is going to work." His words sounded raspy, even to his own ear.

"I don't think so, either." Her words were barely audible.

His mouth came down on hers, infusing her with all the passion coursing through his body. He tasted her sweetness, a treat that whetted his appetite for more...a lot more. He wanted it all.


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